San Freenos: The Quiet Helm

Currently developing in the crangosphere

Cronsteevos Salmonador

Brashton (seasoned potatoes)

Grilled cheese on tupperware top

Drink Specials:
Cotchin Margs
Exactly the thoughts for the pairing of the
menu/drink/dish/song/art pairing. Proshneegs, even a playlist or multi
song pairing for the Big C Marg Event of greegashpere celebration.

Whiskey on the Schteegs- is whiskey straight out of the hive
A feather walker raunched with greenchos and oronocho zaustz
[chicken onions asparagus and kale fried in an Italian vinaigrette]
(matches w/ raj nature door painting)

*Sound of water hitting cliffs*
Opening san freenos then zooms in to webpage and hear waves.

The Cooks: Sivad, Big Cotchin, Robert

table out in ocean.

raise kite for service.

high speed carts between restaurant and table.

customers write down order and san freenos sends it.

is this table the quiet helm?