Past Shows (started 7 years late):

-Shows forgotten

-Tuesday 3/11/14 @Go Bar - Athens, GA

w/ Hurricanes of Love, Realistic Pillow, Done Gone, and Electric Nature


$3 cover goes directly to legendary American greeger Frank Hurricane

-Friday 3/14/14 @eyedrum - Atlanta, GA

w/ Cult & Leper, Easily Suede, Dandyls Variety Show

Babe splitta

$5 cover

9:00 p.m. doors

-Friday 4/25/14 @Alley Cat - Carrollton, GA

w/ Electric Nature

Burn it off

-Saturday 4/26/14 @Fresh Produce Records- Macon, GA

w/ Electric Nature

Fresh Produce!

-Wednesday 4/30/14 @Caledonia - Athens, GA

w/ The New Sound of Numbers and Zombie Zombie

Happenstance man

-Monday 5/5/14 @TLALOC, Sinky dey Mayo Moose Sack Fest!!!-Athens, GA

w/ DIP, Salsa Chest, Wild of Night, Mothers, Manny and the Deep Throats, Mans Trash, Ginko, Half Acid, Las Poyitas, Lavender Holyfield, Michael Collins, Semicircle, David B. Greenberg, Coombshot, Distant Planet, Lip Generation, and The Clutching Dream

Become the cactus

-6/20/14 Athfest @Go Bar

w/ The Rodney Kings, Strays, Monsoon, Muuy Biien, and DJ Blowpop

Go Bar AthFest Week

-6/21/14 Oconee Street Summer Solstice Yard Sale Festival

w/ Scooter Babe, Four Eyes, Brothers, and others.

Yard Soul

-7/20/14- Hendershots Experimental Night

w/ Quiet Evenings and Sparkling Wide Pressure

Sparkling Wide Chancher

-7/26/14- OUT FEST @Fresh Produce Records

w/ The Humminbird, Gurgle Twins, Jade Poppyfield,

Scotty Lingelbach, Konda, Hangmane, Whispers of Night, I Want My MTV


-8/6/14-Nights of Riggonia: Spirit of the Ocmulgee @Go Bar

w/ Gurgle Twins, Jade Poppyfield, Tare, Deeze (Willie D solo set), and Tare

-8/9/14-Broad River Outpost Full Moon Camping and Music Fest

w/ Shade, Darnell Boys, Madeline, Half-Acid, Moths, Elf Power, Hot Fuge,

Hernies, Piper, Off-Road Short-bus

Acid Cult Chag

-8/13/14- Nights of Riggonia: The Egg @ Go Bar

w/ Quiet Evenings, Wet Garden, Future Ape Tapes

-8/16/14- Living Walls Event @The Goat Farm, ATL

w/ Space Trucks, Dogbite, Warehouse, TV Dinner, W.I.C.

Main Cheen

-8/20/14- Nights of Riggonia: Jaimo's Phonetic

Pony Party @Go Bar

w/ Old Smokey, Done Gone,

Lavendar Holyfield, r. ariel, Adrian Orange

-8/27/14- Nights of Riggonia: Victorian Social Mobility Night- @Go Bar

w/ Tom Visions, Hand Sand Hands, Afro Dog Snake

-9/20/14- Record Release Show!

Macon, GA @Fresh Produce Records

w/ Gurgle Twins, Jewel Thieves, and Future Ape Tapes

-10/2/14- Macon, GA @Cox Capitol Theatre

w/ Reptar, Triathlon

Still cheeglin thru facista

-10/28/14- WUOG Live in the Lobby

Stream it at 8pm here:

WUOG Live Stream

-10/30/14- Georgia Theatre

w/ Shade Halloween Band, Parrotthead

We play first at 9:00pm

u can find us in da green

-11/19/14- Cloud Recordings Fest @ The 40 Watt Club

w/ Circulatory System, Faster Circuits, The Dream Scene, Horse Lords, Helen Scott, French Exit, and many more!

Athens top chanchfest!

Turtle Flame Tour:

-12/12/14-Carrollton, GA

The Alley Cat

w/ Jewel Thieves, Matthew Sherling, Troubled Teeth

Tour Kickoff!

-12/13/14- TBA

-12/14/14- Greensboro, NC

New York Pizza

w/ Dunums, and more TBA

-12/15/14-Blacksburg, VA

Farn House

w/ nu-depth, quasi fae, nevin kight

-12/16/14- Harrisonburg, VA

Spaghetti House

w/ Zooanzoo and Jaguardini

-12/17/14- Baltimore- TBA

-12/18/14-Philly- Eris Temple

w/ Radio Eris, Whoopsydaisy

Leebdro Chanch

-12/19/14- Brooklyn- @Secret Project Robot

w/ CE Schneider Topical, Samuel Boat, more TBA

-12/20/14- Jamaica Plain/ Boston- Deep Thoughts

w/ TBA

-2/12/15- Caledonia Lounge

w/ Spaceface, and more TBA

-3/7/15- Go Bar

w/ Frank Hurricayne, Lil Howlin Wolf, and Realistic Pillow

3/25/15- Bulldog Inn

7pm w/ various acts

-3/26/15 Slingshot Fest: Cloud Recordings Stage @ Caledonia Lounge

Strin set

w/ Mind Brains, The New Sound of Numbers, Old Smokey, and Moths

-3/27/15 Slingshot Fest @Go Bar

w/ Half Acid, Hellier Ulysses, John Kiran Fernandes, and Crown Larks

-4/15/15 @Go Bar

w/ Stage Hands, The One and Only Matt Miller, The Golden Crescent Wrench, and Future Ape Tapes


-5/5/15 Cinco de Mayo @Tlaloc

w/ Ginko, Dj Yung Yang, Elysia Empire, Half Acid, Suffer Dragon, Dip, Crunchy, Manny and the Deepthroats, Fit of Body, Pamela and Her Sons, STRC, Wet Garden

Smokin' Margs

-5/13/15 MP Residency

@Go Bar

w/ PPV, Gurgle Twins, Jade Poppyfield, Future Ape Tapes

plug in

6/25/15- Flagpole Music Awards @Morton Theatre

6/26/15- AthFest @Go Bar

7/11/15- @The 40 Watt Club

w/ Salsa Chest, Noseeum, Alec Livaditis and John Fernandes, and DJ Felix feat. Leisure Service

-7/25/15- Bragg Jam

@Fresh Produce Records

w/ Foe Destroyer, Fake Flowers, Monsoon, Wreckless Eric, Chief Scout, Naan Violence, Nude Tayne, Derek Poteat

-8/11/15- Go Bar (Athens, GA)

w/ Wei Zhongle, Dark Daughter, Electric Nature, Weatherly


-8/22/15- Dog Daze @The Franchulus 40 Watt Club

Dawg Haze

-8/28/15- Intro to RADIOlogy @Clemson Amphitheater

wee are?

-A bunch missing in here

-4/20/16 WEEDSTOCK

w/ Wet Garden, DJ Yung YTang, Midnight Boi, Ginko.


-7/27/16 @The Earl

Atlanta, GA

w/ Boogarins and Adron


-7/30/16 BraggJam @Fresh Produce Records

Macon, GA

-8/6/16 BRWA Riverfest (Late Night Set) @Camp Kiwanis